Monday, September 22, 2014

Our Final Works, Class #1

 I've already posted the works that we finished in Petr Stanicky's class, but since then I've had access to Angus Mackay's significanly better images, so this should give you a better idea of what we produced!

Audrey's window piece --

Our final crit
 Patty's Sea Creature Suit --
(Patty usually does jewelry and her work is stunning. Give it a look!)

Jeffery's Cliff-to-Wall Structure --
(Also look at Jeff's work, if you're not already familiar with it. He is currently teaching at Sunderland National Glass Centre/Uni)

These are a few works that Petr whipped out in between helping us.
This was a giant piece of weathered polystyrene we found washed up on a beach. Petr thought it looked like an egg and installed it in this window nest in the ruin of Clythe Harbor --

This was the discovery and rescue of the polystyrene egg
 Petr also found this perfect equilateral triangle hole in a weathering cliff face. He made and installed this large sand-cast piece backed with mirror --

This is the view of it as you round the headland into Clythe Harbor
And these are Angus' images of my wall! --

The final crit
Farmer Ronny MacKay, who owns the wall!

My amazing helpers, Jimmy and Em

Proof of structural soundness!

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