Tuesday, September 23, 2014

My Finished "Ritual" Project!

These are some of the final images from the Ritual Project.
I did manage to scrape in 9!

Mostly I used clear glass tubing with different noble gases to get the different coloured light.
Argon + mercury is icy blue
Argon is a pale lilac
Neon is the bright orangy red
Krypton is a cold white
and Helium is a warm peachy colour

The first Ritual was a test really, to try get the hang of script. But we ended up developing a project around the idea of the ritual of making - the repetition of process, learning new materials, and grounding that (for this particular project) in the Caithness setting.
So there are 9 Rituals - one for each day of the course. And as I'd finish one, we'd take it outside somewhere to be photographed.

Whaligoe Steps


This one is black glass with a phosphor powder coating, which makes .... UV light!!!
i.e. the lights that make white things glow in clubs. 
The black glass was really tricky to work with because you can't see through it, so I kept blowing holes through it, not realising that the other side was very hot. 
Got there in the end though!

Dunbeath Harbor

Dunbeath Harbor


When they sit as a group in order of production you get a sense of the development through the "making ritual". The last few are far straighter and have better joins etc.
Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to wire them all up together, so that image will have to come in a few weeks.

And that's it for neon!! What a fantastic class! We all learned heaps, it was a wonderfully intense experience.
Fingers crossed that they all make it home in one piece!

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