Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Interesting things happening around Northlands

Chickens in the hot shop

Experimental music making using double bass and cello bows
This is Carrie Fertig, who's taking the other class running at Northlands.
Carrie does stunning performances where she flame works percussive instruments live and hands them to musicians who make music on the spot. Usually her instruments are played with soft mallets, so perhaps the bows will be a new addition in her performances!

Gorgeous William, the Assistant Techie
Will also happens to be a luthier - someone who makes string instruments!! We sat down and had a really great nerdy chat about making my glass instruments and the problems that I came up against, like getting the angle of the neck right.
This is him presenting me with a neck-angle-ratio sheet the next day!
What a man.

Hot glass paparazi
This is the other class, run by Helen Maurer, is focused on images and projection. They have been using mirrors, reflections, filters and light tricks in their image making. This is Jim making some interesting optical glass objects in the hot shop for them to photograph.

Big dinners with both classes
We've been going ot all the restaurants in the area to support local businesses.

More mock-installation adventures with Jeffery
Jeff was pulling pretty hard here. The chain snapped about 2 seconds after I took the photo. 
Me taking a stab at modeling
This is where he's decided to install his final project. He's putting glass eyelets into the wall and cliff to connect the two surfaces with a glass web-like structure

Lights Out glass blowing
Hilarious park jobs outside the little grocery store in Lybster

 ~ ~ ~

I've settled on a final project! I'm going to restore one of the dry stone walls that is tumbling down, with some glass blobs oozing out from various cracks in it. 

This is the bit of wall I've picked.

I've been watching lots of videos about dry stone wall construction and am ready to give it a go
This is the cross section of my wall which you can see now that I've cleared all the higgledypiggledy stones from the top.

Emma, the TA for our class, gave me a hand building up the field side of the wall yesterday morning. We made quite a bit of progress! We had to take down the stones to ground level in some places so they could be relaid flat.

You can see the newly build bits quite clearly because none of the freshly-laid stones have lichen on the outside. It should look quite striking when we're finished. 

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