Friday, September 5, 2014

Finishing up the First Class

Yesterday we finished Petr Stanicky's class.
Everyone's work came together really beautifully!

This is Audrey's piece mid-setup. It is sand-cast Caithness stones installed in window of a ruin in a nearby harbor.

The precarious installation of Jeff's cane-work structure, with the help of Petr.
Jeff's completed work. The linked cane draws connections between the man made structure and the natural rock of a cliff face.

Patty's completed sea-suit.
This is a snippet of her performance on the beach, which ended with her walking right into the water.

This was our end-of-class feast, the final meal for this bunch of North Landers.

I've just been hit with a hefty cold. My body was kind enough to wait till my day off, and I've happily spent the day in bed, resting up for the North Lands International Conference which kicks off this evening.
Several people have suggested this remedy - hot water with whisky, lemon and honey. Typical of the Scottish to include whisky in all their cures!
I've given it a go, and it might be my new favorite hot beverage..

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  1. A Hot Toddy! makes yeh feel nice 'n' warm on the inside...