Monday, September 15, 2014

"No Experience" performance

Richard had a great idea for a hot shop performance that we tried out a couple of days ago.
It was based on the proverb "hear no evil; see no evil; speak no evil" but altered to "hear no experience; see no experience; speak no experience".

Billy was to make a bowl, blindfolded (see no experience).
He was instructed by Sasha, who has no hot glass experience and was ear-muffed (hear no experience).
She was told what to instruct Billy to do by me, who wasn't allowed to speak but communicated by scribbling down messages for her (speak no experience).
Billy was assisted by Sarah M, who was also not allowed to speak (speak no experience #2).

Surprisingly, we got out of there unscathed with a perfectly decent little bowl!!

(These fantastic images were taken by professional photographer, friend of North Lands and absolute legend, Angus Mackay)

Handsome Will, Sarah M, Billy, me, Sasha and Mr. Richard Wheater

Richard, looking confident in the background there

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