Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Well here we are!
You find me sitting in my hotel room in Manchester after 22 hours of flying, waiting for the last little leg of the journey up to Northlands. 

This was the last bit of Aussie sunshine I enjoyed on the way to the airport:

and the last decent coffee that I expect for the next couple of months!

I've prepared myself for the UK drizzle (which at least lends itself beautifully to glass blowing!) and for replacing my thrice-daily lattes with copious amounts of english breakfast.

I was exceptionally proud of how lightly I packed, so I thought I'd throw the photographic proof up so you can all be proud of me as well!

Despite travel weariness, I'm getting very pumped up for Northlands which kicks off tomorrow morning! I think I'm most excited about getting to live, eat and work with a tight little community of glassies for a solid month. Typically before a class or semester or project starts, I go through a slight panicky phase where I believe that I've already dried up my allotment of creativity and that I've got nothing left in me to produce :P Luckily this weird fear always disappears as soon as I get into the studio and start throwing ideas around with other makers. And I'm keen to see what a full month in a dynamic and imaginitive environment will produce in our class!

I'm REALLY looking forward getting into it tomorrow and having more exciting news to share than my luggage situation.
Keep well, Australia!


  1. Hi Sarah
    Glad you arrived safe yet weary, have a great time and can't wait to see your journey over the next month.

    Ps: Lorna from North Lands emailed me to say she was looking forward to meeting you.

    Yours kindly
    Michael Scarrone
    Curator Glass, National Art Glass Gallery / Wagga Wagga Art Gallery

    1. Thanks Michael!
      I had a few hiccups on the way including missing the Inverness flight because of delays in AbuDhabi and almost sleeping through the replacement flight and having to sprint through the terminal to make it :P But the airline and the North Lands crew have all been so helpful, and I'm here and happy!