Friday, August 29, 2014

Day #3

Today we spent the morning on a little field trip North of Lybster in the FunBus.

We spent a good few hours playing around the BEAUTIFUL ruined Castle Sinclair Girnigoe and the beaches near by...

The castle was built with local stone, and you can sort of see in this image how the laid stone almost blends into the natural rock. Stunning!!

...and at the Whaligoe steps.

These steps were used (mostly by MACHINE women) to haul up baskets of herring from the small fishing harbor below.

Taking some (waterlogged) souvenirs home

In the afternoon we spent a little time in the hotshop mucking around with some ideas. It was SO nice to get playing with some hot glass!
The hotshop here is pretty beautiful. Its got the most stunning set of tools I've ever seen. (Which either shows my glassy ignorance or Northland's excellence. I suspect the latter)

My dad told me I wasn't to go falling in love with a UK bloke and never coming home again. If that WERE to happen, this would be the man - master of glass blowing, connoisseur of all things fermented and a complete a bundle of laughs: our wonderful gaffer, Mr Jimmy Maskrey.

A cute little row of Jim's practice goblets

Here's a few of the tests that Jim helped me play about with. I'm trying to work out how to get all the lovely stone into my glass work, and this is how I'm starting out :)

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